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Paige Swanson

Psychotherapist-in-training. Writer. Dance Movement Therapy.

Opening to the center of her heart, Paige Swanson is driven by helping individuals reach their full potential. Paige has a passion for psychosomatic research, the unconscious and deeply witnessing individuals emotions. She specializes in human growth, spiritual development and helping individuals recover, thrive and succeed after experiencing debilitating trauma.

I am a psycho-therapist-in-training, who has experience in the healing arts, corporate america and research.


Corporate Experience & Quantitative Skills

AT&T Big Data Intern, Technical Analysis for ServiceMaster, Data Analyst MotiveAI and Career Coach at Betterup.co

Corporate Knowledge


I am in the business of human flourishing. I believe in helping individuals overcome trauma and anxiety by using techniques in psychotherapy, cognitive behavioral therapy and more.

My theoretical orientation involves incorporating new research in neuroscience, depth psychology, and somatics.


A writer by trade, I enjoy sharing the wisdom and knowledge of psychology with individuals to help them work through common life experiences.

Reclaiming Your Story Begins With Courage

Heal Your Trauma

When I was healing from sexual abuse and PTSD, no one ever taught me how to journal the right way. I used my journal as a soundingboard for my memories and feelings, however, there was no literature that showed me how to process the memories when they were at their worst. That is why I am developing and writing a workbook/ journal to help individuals process and manifest their true desires through healing unconscious wounds and making their way out of the darkness. A Woman's Voice is coming soon.

A Woman's Voice

Ignite your inner goddess. I specialize in helping women develop the skills and confidence they need to tackle any challenge life throws at them. I believe that women should be given the skills to parent, grow in business and have healthy fulfilling relationships.
Free Online Meditations

Cultivate inner-awareness, compassion, mindfulness and reduce stress with free online goddess meditations.

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