Paige Swanson Psychotherapy-in-training, Nutritional Therapy and Trauma Recovery

An Integrative Approach to Whole Body Mental Health is a blog focused on fostering critical self-awareness and mental health hacks.

Things you can do every day to live a healthier life


  • Spend time in nature
  • Get coaching and psychotherapy for optimal performance
  • Disconnect from the noise of daily life
  • Diet and Exercise
  • Live life with conviction

Take a Breath and Focus on the Moment

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Could taking a couple of minutes a day to connect to the earth provide more soul enrichment and increase our ability to regulate our responses?

Integrative Mental Health Care and Nutritional Therapy

I specialize in helping you feel physiologically and psychologically connected to the world. In life, we experience neurobiological illnesses, burn out and fatigue due to the foods we eat and the toxins we inhale. As a training functional nutritionist and trauma/informed psychotherapist, I look at how our genetic makeup and our exposure to environmental factors create not only discord in the mind but in the body too!
These are the questions I ask:
What is your diet currently?
What is your exercise regimen?
How can we work together to sort through unconscious traumas and supplement your mental health with holistic integrative practices?
What is your sense of oneness in the world?
How do you define your sense of purpose?
From there we work together through mindfulness and CBT to help stabilize and regulate emotional dysregulations!

Cultivate inner-awareness, compassion, mindfulness and reduced stress with free online goddess meditations.

Let the seeds grow
About Paige Swanson

Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom.


Victor Frankl 
Opening to the center of her heart, Paige Swanson is driven by helping individuals reach their full potential. I specialize in helping women develop the skills and confidence they need to tackle any challenge life throws at them. I believe that women should be given the skills to parent, grow in business and have healthy fulfilling relationships.


About Paige Swanson

Corporate Experience & Quantitative Skills

AT&T Big Data Intern, Technical Analysis ServiceMaster, Learned Technical Skills at MotiveAI and Career Coach at

Corporate Knowledge


I am in the business of human flourishing. As a psychotherapist-in-training, I believe in helping individuals overcome trauma and anxiety by using techniques in psychotherapy, cognitive behavioral therapy and more.

My theoretical orientation involves incorporating new research in neuroscience, depth psychology, and somatics.


A writer by trade, I enjoy sharing the wisdom and knowledge of psychology with individuals to help them work through common life experiences.

What is Female Matrescence?


Psychologists at Columbia University have developed an advancement in understanding the unique developmental stage of women and motherhood. The developmental stage leaves the research for motherhood supported by a feminist-informed, spiritual framework highlighting the gendered and socio-political context of motherhood while honoring the transformative and growth-producing dimensions of mothering. My work hopes to continue exploring how motherhood, our connection to our bodies and the security we develop within our families will continue to help us feel more connected, free and centered in our everyday lives.

Cultivate inner-awareness, compassion, mindfulness and reduced stress with free online goddess meditations.

You're Meant to be Well

Creative musing on womanhood, mindfulness, and psychology

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