Creative Action is Psychological Manifesty

Processing Trauma, Art Therapy, Paige Swanson 2019


Creative action is the pursuit of defining your life’s vision and utilizing creative practice to help set into motion your dreams, motives and desires.

The monotony of day-to-day trials can squash the existence of our natural creative energy. When our creative energy is void of action; life can feel grey and colorless. When life feels colorless and void; the evacuation of our greatest dreams begins to emerge. This can be seen through substance abuse and codependency through squandering our creative energy by investing disproportionately in the lives, hopes, dreams and plans of other people and substances.


Creative Action is the disentangling from others to enhance the inner pursuit of our happiness. 


The Spiritual Principles of Creative Action 

In the Artist’s Way, a course on the intersectionality between artistic application and spirituality, art is used as a source or tool to connect to a higher state of being.

For instance, the novel writes, for most of us, the idea that the creator encourages creativity is a radical thought. We tend to think, or at least fear, that creative dreams are egotistical, something that God wouldn’t approve of for us. After all, our creative artist is an inner youngster and prone to childish thinking. If our mom or dad expressed doubt or disapproval for our creative dream s, we may project that same attitude onto a parental god. This thinking must be undone. What we are talking about is an induced-or invited spiritual experience. I refer to this process as spiritual chiropractic. We undertake certain spiritual exercises to achieve alignment with the creative energy of the universe.

Many of us wish we were more creative or that we possessed some sort of creative talent. However, when utilizing creative action we are aware of the divine creativity the resides in each and every one of us. In looking for ways to enhance our lives we can rely on creativity as a means to fulfill our deepest desires. Fulfilling our deepest desires takes creative energy.


With Imagination and Creative Action, We’re Unstoppable. 

Utilizing creative action and taking 10 minutes of our day to self-reflect with a creative tool like dance, journaling or art can set into motion higher cognitive processing abilities improving memory and brain function. It keeps us on task and focused on accomplishing our goals.

 It also helps cultivate mindfulness related benefits which improves identity development and navigates unprocessed psychic narratives. In layman’s terms, art makes us whole on a biological, social and psychological level. It also impacts our development at the mesosystem level addressed by Bronfenbrenner in his Ecological Model. The ecological theory contends that the mesosystem serves as a link in the interaction among the systems surrounding the individual. These systems consist of family, school, work, neighborhood, church, community agencies, daycare, and so on.

When we are actively involved in a practice that fosters self-reflection we maintain the development of our own identity, our right place in the scheme of the universe. Through creative action, we acquire and eventually acknowledge our connection to an inner source of power that has the ability to transform us not just at the microscopic level of the individual but the entire systemic level of the community.

For instance, creativity was the epicenter behind the evolution of the human species. During the time of Homo Sapiens, our ancestor’s ability to imagine was a precursive biological mechanism used for the construction of the modern-day world. Everything we now experience was once thought and through the power of creative action has spun forward into motion.

Therefore, take each day to capture a step towards fulfilling your creative desires. Your spiritual and creative recovery starts by letting go of your fears. Remind yourself every day that creative pursuits drive you and the rest of the world forward.


  • You’re not too old to start learning a new creative talent
  • It isn’t too late to learn a new language
  • You’re capable of doing anything you desire
  • You’re the master of your universe



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