Re-Purpose Your Garden With Beer Bottles and Renewable Crafts

Re-Purpose Your Garden With Beer Bottles and Renewable Crafts


Renascentia Fashionista Renascentia Fashionista

A great fun, edgy and Eco-friendly way to line your new garden is with old recycled ber bottles. Lining your garden with recycled beer bottles, is one of the coolest ways to give your garden a beautiful feature and it is also, an easy re-purposed way to stay renewable and reduce waste.

What you will Need:

  • 4 – 8 bags of mulch (depends on size of your garden.) $2 – 4 dollars
  • 40 + recycled bottles of any color ( I got mine at the local recycling center in San Marcos)
  • Shovel
  • Wheelbarrow
  • Potting Soil

How did it all begin? 

It all started at a local store owned craft house called, “Craft,” where I crafted into existence a renewable pot holder made out of half of an old cradle, yarn, broken clay, and tin coffee cans.

Renascentia Fashionista

Renascentia Fashionista


Renascentia Fashionista


If you’d like to make something as cool as this plant holder, I suggest you head on down to Craft in Austin, Texas, and use your noggin to cultivate something renewable and beautiful like this. By doing this project at Craft the total of my re-purposed, unique and individual pot holder ending up being around $13.

Plant Holder Supplies:

  • Plants ( I used garden herbs from my local farmers market like chocolate mint, spear mint, curly parsley  and flat-leaf parsley.)
  • Coffee Tins
  • Yarn
  • Bottle Corks
  • Paint
  • Metal Primer
  • Paper
  • Baby Cradle

Making the Bottle Liners 

Making the Bottle lined garden was not easy, however, nothing was more fulfilling than looking at my finished product in the end.

Renascentia Fashionista

Begin by finding a good gardening space to lay your lining, then begin with a shovel digging a trench for you to line-up your bottles. The trench should be between one and one-half inch deep. Place the bottles in the trench one-by-one in an up-right position. Facing the neck of the bottle down into the trench.


IMG_3224-001Working hard at digging my trench to lay my bottles. Be prepared to have a wheelbarrow, if you don’t have a place to recycle the dirt, there will be a lot of dirt. Lay the bottles in one-by-one, and when you’re finished digging your trench which should be about as deep as the bottles, begin filling the trench in with your mulch and potting soil. This will allow the bottles to stay in place, and will prevent them from toppling over. I suggest, digging as much as the trench as possible then gradually laying the bottles down within the trench.



Once it is done, it should look like this. Lay down your 4 plus bags of mulch and enjoy your newly lined garden.  Although, I don’t have a beautiful garden to accompany my newly lined area. I do plan on buying some beautiful plants to pot.




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  • Fantastic! The bottles must be so pretty sparking in the sun! Thanks for my next garden project!


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