Get in Silly, We’re Going to the Farmers Market

Why Does Nutrition Matter?

Here is a new update for neuro-nutrition and cooking with real organic food!

The problem with foods that come from commercial grocery stores and large manufactures is that they can carry toxin-induced free radicals.

At a molecular level, free radicals have the ability to convert normal fatty acids into mutant zombies that disrupt your entire inflammatory system. When these free radicals attack our cells their ability to damage your internal arteries is high and on a cellular level they make up toxic fats, turning polyunsaturated fats into little monsters that damage your cell membranes, chromosomes and more.

What do French-fried Arteries Have to Do With Psychiatric Care?

In 1999, there was a team of New Zealand researchers that wanted to assess how ingesting fried foods affected your arteries. In the research, they discovered that the individual’s blood vessels did not respond and were acutely damaged. If you’re eating like the average American, approximately 30 percent of your dietary calories come from fat. After your food is broken down by enzymes in the intestine, the fat and most other nutrients get absorbed into intestinal cells or enterocytes. After this, fat and fat-soluble nutrients are prepared for circulation through the bloodstream. This, in turn, creates what are called lipoproteins. The lipid cycle is something that feeds our entire system, including our neurological system, for example: if your brain cell needs more omega-3 fatty acids it can signal a receptor to an apoprotein called APO E.

However, if we’re supplying our brain cells with toxic fatty apoproteins we’re breaking down the brain’s ability to appropriately regulate itself – thus, resulting in the inability to control mood.

In a research study addressing the prevalence of association of the risk of these fatty acids impacting our mood and our brain’s ability to regulate itself is noted. For instance, it has been suggested that HDL-C (high levels of cholesterol) level is also associated with mental problems such as depression and suicide (Almeida et al., 2014Lehto et al., 2010Tedders et al., 2011Zhang et al., 2005). These studies show that a low level of HDL-C is linked to mood disorder. Possible mechanisms of these phenomena may involve vascular abnormalities and poor uptake of serotonin (Barter et al., 2007Kim et al., 2011Martinowich and Lu, 2008). 

Nutrition Matters. There is a Reason You Get Food Comas.

Supplying your body with healthy adaptive foods is important to help regulate and supply your body with good cholesterol and nutrient carrying Lippo-proteins.

So, how do we stay away from free radicals? Find your local farmers market!

Overall, it is very important to eat only whole foods that regulate your entire system from your digestive tract to your neurology. So, the next time you’re thinking about stepping out and putting a grocery list together, why not wake up early on Saturday and head towards the farmers market with freshly grown, locally sourced vegetables and fruits?

Farmers Market Grocery List

  • Avocados
  • Parsley
  • Tomatoes
  • Strawberries
  • Peaches
  • Goat Cheese
  • All-natural Honey

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