Dance Movement and Visual Art

This is Art. Find Your Darkness, Discover Your Light
Dance Movement and Choreography

Dance Movement is a well-rounded art-form that allows for the self-expression and analysis needed to dive deep into untouched thoughts, feelings and experiences.

While training as a modern dancer, I learned dancing is the expression of unprocessed emotions combinded with the anatomical compotents of movement.

It Doesn’t Matter How You Move, The Point is You’re Moving.

My mindfulness movement classes start with a couple of measures:

  1. Dancing to Inspire Change
  2. Expressing our Emotions Through Hand Gestures and Facial Expressions
  3. Self-lead, Self-Discovery Dance Sessions with Implementation of Contemporary Forms
  4. Processing The Experiences We Had Together and With One Another


Dance Experience/ Exhibitions:

Raw Paw Art Collective and Music Video Performance – SXSW Austin, Texas 2017

(2014 Austin Music Video Award Recipient – Talent/ Production Team)

Lindred Audio Engineer Dance Performance and Collaboration – Austin, Texas 2017

CAPYAC Music Videos and Live Dance Performances – Austin Texas 2016

  • Speedracer Music Video Performance

Slooom Audio Engineering Dance Performance and Collaboration – Austin, Texas 2017

Voice & Exit – Interpretive Dance and Performance – Austin, Texas 2017

Artheism – Interpretive Dance, Performance and Visual Art – Austin, Texas 2017

Movement Series – Interpretive Modern Dance and Teaching – Paris, France 2018

Dance Short – Dead Roses Collaboration with Lio Bumba – Deadline Art Gallery – Rino, Denver, Colorado 2018

Dance Training

Paige Swanson has been training in all forms of dance from the age of five including ballet, modern, contemporary and pro-cheerleading. Her current training has been with Ballet Dallas from 2017 – 2018 and in Paris, France at Studio Harmonic, with a focus in modern parisan dance, in 2018. She had a quick trip to spend time in an immersive conference at Pratt University for merging creative arts therapies and global health. She also studied various different contemporary forms at the Gibney Center for Dance Movement Research in New York City in 2019.

Visual Arts

Paige Swanson is a visual artist in the Denver, Colorado area and her art pieces focus on the ecological and psychological relationship that humans have with their mind, body and environment. Her work is inspired from her research and passion for cognitive neuroscience. Her pieces are mixed media and incorporate real elements from nature, which she hopes to use as a representation of the importance of advocating for climate change, ecopsychology and spirituality.


Wake The Dead Coffee Shop, Alive Inside Exhibition – San Marcos, Texas 2018

Mohawk, Raw Paw Alien Summer Art Festival  РAustin, Texas 2017

Simple Duck Art Gallery, Wake Up to Me Exhibition – Austin , Texas 2017

ArtiTash, And we were never the same – Denver, Colorado 2018

Piece Titles:

  1. Wake Up We’re All Drowning, Mixed Media, Print
  2. A_pathy and Subjective Dissonance, Mixed Media, Print
  3. Global Warming and the Impact of Human Apathy, Mixed Media, Wood Panel
  4. The Neurology of Dissociative Amnesia, Oil, Wood Panel
  5. I Hear Your Arm is Purple from Heroin Usage But You Don’t Feel Like it is a Problem, Acrylic, Canvas
  6. SSRIS and the Pathway to Ambivalence, Acrylic, Canvas
  7. The Psychology of Climate Change, Acrylic, Canvas
  8. The Doors of Perception, Mixed Media, Canvas

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