Thrift Shop Trash or Treasure: Austin’s North Loop Room Service Vintage

Thrift Shop Trash or Treasure: Austin’s North Loop Room Service Vintage


Renascentia Fashionista Renascentia Fashionista Austin’s ‘Room Service Vintage,’ is another hit on the list of this weeks Thrift Shop Trash or Treasure and we’re still covering Austin’s North Loop vintage strip. They’re probably the most eclectic vintage shop Renascentia Fashionista has visited yet. They have everything from old cosset tapes, VHS movies, records, scarfs, band t-shirts and more.

Renascentia Fashionista


While I wouldn’t say, ‘Room Service Vintage’ is the BEST thrift store in Austin. That doesn’t mean this unique, fun and totally ’90s shop doesn’t have a certain appeal above the rest. It is large enough you can get lost in it for hours, and yet like sipping the sweet nectar of a lotus flower. You always manage to get a little lost in hopes to stay longer and peruse around the aisles. They have the best selection of costume earrings seen at a thrift shop, with an entire counter full of beautiful, wacky and large clip-on earrings.

Jolana L. from says,

My favorite vintage store of Austin. Also, the best prices.
They post major items on their website and keep it up to date. I check it weekly to see what new big items they have in, but still go by the store frequently to see the clothes and smaller items.
I’ve bought lamps, dishware, shelves, and art there. I like a lot of 60s and 70s items, but they’ve had couches from the 40’s I’ve even loved. Couldn’t work for my house though.
Their clothes and boots are pretty awesome too.

Renascentia Fashionista Renascentia Fashionista Given the overall appeal of the store, I give this store a rating of 5.5

Quality: 4.0 ( bought a pair of clip-on earrings and back fell off immediately)

Price: 6 (Pretty much everything is affordable)

Organization: 5 (Everything is pretty organized, however, it does make your head hurt a little bit looking for things.)

Selection: 7

Renascentia Fashionista For more details like location, store hours and contact information visit the Rated Thrift Shops page.

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