The Uncertainty Principle

The Uncertainty Principle

The Uncertainty Principle

The myth of eternal return
Ad infinitum!
To think that everything reoccurs as we once experienced it
An array of counteracting mechanisms operated by invisible authorities
Authority pertaining to the theoretical consideration of the beginning of something
The beginning of time

God created order out of chaos
Infinity- lambda

Time in a relative multi-dimensional sense, representing no congruency


Always changing form and yet always the same solid, massy, hard impenetrable properties
So that no ordinary power can destroy what will always remain
Chaotic order of infinite possibilities
Infinite realities creating no right or wrong

There is one and two:
You must study one
You must study two
But you must also study and

The void
The center of the universe
The soul

A continuation of chemical quagmires so advanced from the newt’s eye it may seem disordered
An interlocking system of exchanges so miraculous conception surpasses rationality
A network of possibilities all representing the same potential outcomes

The myth of eternal return concentrated into a solid mass
Forces of death
The polarity of happenstance
Cause and Effect

Balancing each causality along a spectrum of sustainability
Re-generating clogs in the machine
Competition and co-operation
Light and dark belongs in a place
A continuation of space

Every second of our lives reoccurring an infinite number of times

What shall we choose: light or dark?
Which carries the heaviest weight

The eternal return of the heaviest of burdens: das schwerste Gewicht

Networks, densely designed
Relying on constantly related interactions
Humanity representing a single system participating in the creation of organizational realities
All producing the effect of the perceiver

Matter affected by non-local causes
Across the universe
Two electrons behaving as one
Existing in a field of potentiality
Responding to the commands of its objective reality

Fragmentation is illusionary
Monkey after monkey teaching other monkeys to wash their potatoes before eating
Every new money taught representing a link of potential causalities
Spreading a collective network
Morphic resonance
Social convention

Peoples personal objective realities shaping and forming the objective reality of the universe
Developing a critical mass of fixed realities
Duality of the body and soul
Unbroken, seamlessly whole
Where our perception of separateness is a merely a habit of thought
Which is destroying our reality
We all see what we want to believe
Creating things as ‘the way it is’
Not the way to be

Believing we’re unsafe and all at war
In order to get what we want we must control
So everything turns out ‘right’
There is no deterministic predictability

Yet, we’re all one set of parts organizing a whole
A whole that is neither wrong nor right
Just operating on the framework of a cause and effect paradigm
Just constantly reproducing the energies we create; the eternal return

Co-creating systems operating with the universe
God within us
Totality of forces

We Wei
We mean nothing
Wei means action

Let go
and believe in the universal flow

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