How to Embrace Your ‘Wild’ Girl

“I like stormy nights and full moons. I like wolves and wild water. I like to wander and I like adventures. I like unpredictable kisses and conversations full of unexpected truth. I like things that have a soul. That make me feel free.” – Brooke Hampton

I am a woman with a Gypsy soul

I am a wanderer – I cannot be owned

Freedom is my drug

And discovery is my sin.

The unknown calls my name

and I follow the winds

I commune with the stars

My path is lit with purpose and passion

I am not lost

Love guides my direction

Thinking about the different experiences I’ve encountered throughout my life there have been so many times where my emotions, intuition and wild magic has been cast aside and seen as a source of threatening behavior.

You’re a Wild Queen

You’re a wild queen. You’re born to roam, play in the dirt and experience the wonder of nature. If people stop to glare at the brightness that you shine, with a look a curiosity, ask them what they find so interesting? Is it the way that you walk with your head held high?

Owning our confidence as females is something that I see many women struggle with.

But you’re a woman who changes with the skies, dances with the wind and in your eyes there is fire. And all the love you ever need is inside of yourself.

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