Rhiannon, The White Witch and the Lunar Moon

With the advent of the new lunar eclipse dawning upon the basin of Denver, Colorado it only made sense to pull out some of my old moon ritual books and delve in the magic of the moon.

In Celtic Religions, like the Goddess Religion, the month of February is chiefly known for the Goddess Rhiannon. The story of Rhiannon in the Celtic tradition goes as follows:

The story of Rhiannon is from ancient Celtic tradition and is made three texts that comprise of the Welsh Mabinogion. The mythology behind Goddess Rhiannon begins with Pwyll Penn Annfwn, King of Dyvet, who saw a young girl wearing bright, white clothing and riding a pale white horse. He was completely astounded by the woman’s beauty, so he sent his knights to pursue her. Despite his best efforts, she quickly disappears from the Kings sight. However, the following day he found the beautiful maiden again. He calls out and pleads of her to stop. They then decide to get married and betroth one another.

Rhiannon is known as the queen of the faeries and her name translates to the white witch. In traditional Wicca, the white witch is known for using her power only for the benefit of others. She is a powerful maiden that never uses her skills, trade, and ability to work wonders for evil.

She is the British Sun Goddess and ruler of the sun.

Rhiannon’s story can be found in-depth here: The full mythology of Rhiannon 

Goddess Meditation and Calling Upon Rhiannon

Calling upon Rhiannon is a special gift for those who want to feel her magnitude and beauty. Rhiannon is a woman of mystery, courage and she is a bell of the night

Stevie Nicks

Just as the famously coined Fleetwood Mac “Rhiannon” song dictates. The song is about the Welsh tale and speaks impeccably to the presence and essence of the White Witch. Under the spell of the moon, Rhiannon is a woman who is independent and refined.

Her connection to nature and animals is something that explicitly draws me to wanting to embody Rhiannon’s qualities.

Here is a grounding meditation to connect you to a source of self-love, independence and wholeness:

  1. Sit with your favorite object next to your heart
  2. And wait for a word to come to your mind – it can be any word you need it to be
  3. Acceptance may be a word
  4. Then repeat the word three times (if you’re experiencing visualizations stay with the visualizations while holding the object)
  5. Then go to your journal and write down what you experienced

Many times, with the new moon approaching us it is a sign that we need to relinquish, let go or shed layers of our identities to fit a deeper archetypal role. If we’ve been playing scripts of “powerlessness” or “inferior” cognitive programming, we can use the moon, goddess meditations and our centered heart to awaken to our inner-power.



“Then he thought that the beauty of all the maidens. and all the ladies that he had ever seen, was nothing compared to her beauty. “Lady,” he said, “wilt thou tell me aught concerning thy purpose?” “I will tell thee,” said she. “My chief quest was to seek thee.” “By Heaven,” said Pwyll,” …If I might choose among all the ladies and damsels in the world, thee would I choose.” Excerpt from The Mabinogion

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